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Giving you hope for a debt-free future

Bidwell works to help West Texans file for full bankruptcy relief under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code

The Law Office of Tanya E. Bidwell works continuously to focus on bankruptcy filings on behalf of individuals and small businesses throughout the West Texas area. 

Clients approach Bidwell for bankruptcy help during one of the most difficult times in their lives. Unfortunately, their debt is out of control and creditors are now continuously making calls to them, day and night. Debt relief is needed.


Bidwell's job is to offer hope and prepare you for a future free of financial issues. Do not let creditors tell you bankruptcy is not an option. Numerous misconceptions about bankruptcy spread where credit card companies, financial lenders and other creditors work to try and have you believe. Contact the law office today for a free initial consultation where you will learn the facts. 

Bidwell works to give you hope and prepare you for the right future. One phone call to her law office can begin the process of starting completely over.  

Let Bidwell help you obtain a debt-free life.

Contact the law office today to help stop the foreclosure on your home or put a complete halt to creditor harassment.


Schedule Your Case Evaluation Today

Bidwell is here to help you receive the best outcome possible. She focuses on maintaining reasonable rates and being responsive and accessible to every client.

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