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Criminal Defense

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Why having the right lawyer is important in Criminal Defense.

Being charged with a criminal offense is serious, as conviction may result in lifetime ramifications. A good criminal defense lawyer should help you improve the outcome of your case, yet also bring peace of mind at the same time.  The Law Office of Tanya E. Bidwell works to provide a personal service and favorable results for each and every client.  


Whether your case involves speeding, murder or anything in-between, Bidwell is here to assist you obtain the best possible outcome. Bidwell's role is to make sure the court process is fair, and the client is not punished for committing a crime unless the government can prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.


When she identifies situations where the government has not played by the rules, or where the evidence does not constitute proof beyond a reasonable doubt, she uses those situations to the benefit of the client. Doing so not only benefits individual clients, but also benefits the community as a whole by ensuring it will be protected by the rule of law under the Constitution. 

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Bidwell is here to help you receive the best outcome possible. She focuses on maintaining reasonable rates and being responsive and accessible to every client.

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